Omo Valley

Day 1, fly Arba Minch head to The Dorze are famed weavers who live in tall huts that resemble a giant elephant head. All around Chencha are smaller Dorze villages, which were grouped around the “city” when it was the regional capital. These people have a staple diet of a type of bread made from the fermented false-banana tree. overnight Arba minch Toursit Hotle.

Day 2 , In the morning after breakfast we drive to Turmi where we will have several village stops on our way down to meet the tribes we come across as such: Banna and Hammer tribes village life daily activity with no interruptions till late afternoon . Not forgetting to mention that we will attend any colorful tribal markets we come across which happen once a week in each tribal destination. over night Turmi hamer community lodge.

Day 3 ,In the morning we drive further down to Omorate which is a border town with Northwest Kenya as to visit the Dasenech tribe deep in their remote villages leaving the commonly visited ones by going down as far as the Northern tip of Lake Turkana and experience a wonderful time you will never forget. Later on, we drive back to Turmi if there are any events will be attending like Bull jump overnight hamer community lodge.

Day 4.In the morning after breakfast, we drive to Karo Tribe’s village of Korcho located in nearby a panoramic Omo River view after driving some 60Kms from Turmi visit these amazing tribes who are considered to be the least numbered in terms of population size among the Omo Valley tribes. After visiting this Tribe’s village for as much time as we need and head to jinka overnight jinka nasa hotle

Day 5, In the morning we head to the unique tribe of Mursi ( The women are famous for putting clay-made circular lip and ear plates which symbolizes beauty in honor) crossing through Mago National Park to reach their village. We will visit the uninterrupted authentic daily life activities the entire afternoon where which will give an excellent time of interaction which makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. then transfer you to jinka Airport.

DestinationOmo Valley
LocationSouthern Ethiopia
Duration5 days + 4 nights

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