Awash National Park Tour Package Ethiopia

Duration: 2 Days/1 Night
Overview: Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Awash National Park, located in the eastern part of Ethiopia. This tour package offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and natural wonders of Awash. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this national park and create lasting memories.
Tour Itinerary:
Day 1:
  1. Departure from Addis Ababa: Start your journey from Addis Ababa in the morning, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Enjoy a scenic drive through the Ethiopian countryside as you head towards Awash National Park.
  2. Awash National Park: Upon arrival at Awash National Park, begin your exploration of this remarkable wilderness. Awash is known for its diverse wildlife, including oryx, gazelles, baboons, warthogs, and numerous bird species. Enjoy a game drive through the park, spotting animals in their natural habitat and capturing stunning photographs.
  3. Awash Falls: Visit the magnificent Awash Falls, a highlight of the national park. Marvel at the cascading waters as they plunge into the gorge below. Take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the serene atmosphere of this natural wonder.
  4. Overnight Accommodation: As the day comes to an end, settle into your comfortable accommodation within or near the national park. Enjoy a delicious dinner and relax amidst the tranquil surroundings.
Day 2:
  1. Morning Game Drive: Start your day with an early morning game drive to witness the awakening of the park’s wildlife. Spot animals as they begin their daily activities and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the park at sunrise.
  2. Hot Springs: Explore the fascinating hot springs within Awash National Park. These natural geothermal springs offer a unique experience, with their bubbling waters and mineral-rich pools. Take a leisurely walk around the springs and enjoy the therapeutic effects of the warm water.
  3. Cultural Experience: Visit a local village near Awash National Park and immerse yourself in the local culture. Interact with the friendly residents, learn about their traditions, and gain insight into their way of life. Experience traditional dances, music, and crafts, providing a deeper understanding of the local community.
  4. Return to Addis Ababa: After a fulfilling day, depart from Awash National Park and return to Addis Ababa. Enjoy the scenic drive back, reflecting on the incredible experiences and memories made during your time in Awash.
Note: The tour itinerary can be customized based on your preferences and time constraints. Additional activities, such as bird watching, hiking, or visiting nearby attractions, can be included upon request.
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
  • Entrance fees to Awash National Park
  • Game drives and wildlife spotting
  • Accommodation (1 night)
  • Meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner)
  • Bottled water
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities for the guide and driver
Please note that this is a 2-day tour package, and the starting and ending times can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure a memorable and immersive experience as you explore the wonders of Awash National Park.
DestinationAwash National Park
Duration2 days + 2 nights