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3-days Two Night Tour to Arbaminch-Haile Ethiopia Tour


Day 1, fly to Arba Minch

After Lunch. we will go to Arba Minch, which is Amharic for ‘Forty Springs’, which is named after the innumerable little springs that bubble up right at the base of the ridge below the town. All the development (the city pumps its water from there) The 3km road there from the headquarters, however, is beautiful and is a good, easy walk and Drink the natural spring water with the life from the park.

Day 2,

After breakfast head to the Dorze tribe of Chencha and visit the village life of these people; famous for traditional cloth-making by weaving cotton using locally made instruments.: We will visit the weekly Church market and waterfalls around Chucha back Arba Minch.

Day 3, in the morning

The destination takes a boat trip to Lake Chamo, to visit the crocodile market, it is a local name for a place in Lake Chamo where the crocodiles went out of the lake and chill, there is no buying or selling, also you will see hippos and different kinds of birds. then back to Arba Minch after Lunch. transfer you to Arba Minch Airport.
Haile Ethiopia Tour.


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